Create a Subscription (for yourself)

Here is how to create a subscription for yourself.


> To CREATE a Subscription for yourself


Click on TOOLS > SUBSCRIPTIONS > CREATE SUBSCRIPTION on the main navigation menu. The Select Subscription Type screen is displayed.




By default the option to create a subscription for yourself is selected.  Click CONTINUE. The Create Subscription screen is displayed.




Complete the available input fields.









Unique description of the subscription.



CC Email

Additional email addresses.



Delivery Format

Formatted text or XML.




Subscribe to

Select Embargo, OPSL Note, or Both.




Notify on All Conditions

Check this box if contact is to receive notifications pertaining to all embargo conditions. If this option is selected then all other options are removed. Deselect and the full screen is displayed.




Select option to receive AAR Security Level 4 Only embargoes, Non-AAR Security Level 4 Only embargoes, or “Both” for both level 4 and non-level 4 embargo types.




Select to subscribe to only those embargoes that allow permits, those do not allow permits, or select “Both” to subscribe to both types.



Events to Notify

Check the appropriate box(es) to receive email notification for the specified embargo status.



Issuing Road Section

Default displays to subscribe for all road marks.  To subscribe for selected road marks, click on the labeled radio button.  Key in selected road marks, or click on the magnifying glass icon next to the text box to bring up the Road Mark Lookup screen.



Commodity Section

  • Default value to embargo all commodities.

  • Embargo Select Commodities: Use this option to embargo only specific commodities. Use the available input field to specify the 7-digit STCC(s) with a comma separating multiple entries. Click on the magnifying glass to search for STCCs.


Cause Section

Default display is to subscribe for all causes; select Subscribe for Select causes and then select specific causes from the available drop-down box to receive email notifications for only those specified causes.



Geography Section

Default display is to Subscribe for All Locations. 

Or, select Subscribe for Select Locations to categorize the FSACs and/or Junctions as To, From and/or Via. To lookup FSACs and Junctions, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the appropriate FSAC or Junction text box. The FSAC or Junction Lookup screen is displayed.



Equipment Section

Default is to embargo all equipment types. The other selection is to embargo only select Equipment Types. To lookup equipment types, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the text box. The Equipment Type Lookup screen is displayed.



Clearance Code

The default selection is no clearance code. If desired, select the appropriate code from the drop down.



Total Weight on Rail

The default selection is no Weight Restrictions; if desired, select Equal to or Greater than from the drop-down.  This opens the weight quantity field for the selection of weight.  If ‘other’ is chosen, a field is opened to input the weight.




Waybill Party Section

In the Waybill Parties section the default is Embargo all Patrons.  If specific Patrons/Waybill Parties are desired, select Embargo on Select Patrons and additional boxes appear.

Select a Waybill Party from the drop-down.

Key in a CIF Number; or, to lookup a CIF Number, click on the magnifying glass to bring up the Patron CIF Lookup screen.




Click ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION. The View Subscription screen is displayed along with a message that the subscription has been successfully created.



Click EDIT if you need to edit the displayed subscription; click CANCEL if finished.