Railinc Access Request

Here are the steps that a user would take to initiate Single Sign-On registration. User accounts can also be created directly by an administrator.


à To REGISTER for Single Sign-On


Enter the URL for Single Sign-On (http://sso.railinc.com) into your browser. The Welcome to Railinc’s Single Sign On screen is displayed.






Click on the REGISTER button. The Before You Register screen appears in order to ensure that you don’t already have an existing account registered.






Click CONTINUE. The Railinc Application Policy Agreement screen s displayed.





Read the terms and click the ACCEPT button to continue.  The Complete User Profile screen is displayed.

NOTE:  Click the DECLINE button to decline the terms.  This will cancel the registration process. 



Complete the available profile input fields. The red labels indicate required fields.


NOTE:  At the top of the screen are various requirements for the proper formatting of user name and password.


NOTE:  The CHECK button (pictured below) can be used to ensure that the User ID that you have entered isn’t already being used by someone else.





At the bottom of the form is the Employer input field.




Use the search input field and the SEARCH button to find your company. Find your company in the search results display, place a check next to your company, and click the SELECT COMPANY button. If your company is not included in the list, click on the Is your company not listed? link. This allows you to input your company information.



Click on the User Background tab to provide optional user profile information.  Included here is an option to decide if you would like to be notified of new website features and news.





Once all input fields have been completed, click the CONTINUE button. The Confirmation Email Sent screen is displayed. 





Additionally, an email is sent to the address specified on the user profile screen. Before proceeding with requesting access to an application, you should first review the registration information contained in the received email and click the included hyperlink.





Click the link in the received e-mail. The e-mail confirmation screen is displayed.




Close the Email Confirmation screen and return to the Confirmation Email Sent screen. Click on the CONTINUE TO STEP 3 button to proceed with requesting access to applications.  The Request Application Access screen is displayed.





Click the REQUEST button for the application to which you want permission to access. A request permission screen corresponding to the selected application is displayed (in this example, the Chicago Gateway website).




Complete the input fields specific to the selected application, including the desired access level /user role and the company to associate your access with.

a. Click the SUBMIT button to continue. A confirmation screen is displayed.

Or click the DONE button to return to the previous screen.




Confirm the displayed selected access request and click the CONTINUE button if correct. A message is displayed explaining that the access request has been sent to the administrator of the selected company. Additionally an e-mail is received with the details of this request. The administrator must first approve this request before access is granted.





Click REQUEST ADDITIONAL PERMISSIONS if there are other applications to which you need to request permission. Click DONE when finished.